Nan’s Day Out to Tamarells

By Shirley Roberts plus pics by me…

Day’s out in a pandemic have to be thought about and planned.  For a start you can’t just get a bunch of family together and set off for a trip. The kids are at school and sometimes the urge, just to drive and escape, can’t wait.   Occasionally I just do a ‘lone’ trip and the music and the car is all mine. The pleasure of the family trip is obvious and I love every minute.  The days my thoughts are my own are more of a challenge. I suppose I am still in relatively early days of being a widow. The idea that time and decisions are all mine, takes some getting used to. Covid rules also mean I can’t pick up a random friend for an outing.  The choice, therefore is to go alone or don’t go at all.

Life is far too short to stay home and potter so I easily persuaded myself I will go where the sun takes me on this small island. The easy route to hit the coasts is via Festival Park and on to the motorway to Alcudia via Inca. The blossom trail from Soller across that route is stunning and the carpets of yellow sorrel make this a most beautiful time of year. The journey is, oh so easy, once on the motorway.  Just point the car in the right direction and in no time at all the Alcudia signs come into view.  I was looking for a particular sign as I knew where I wanted to get to.  There is a sign from Alcudia for the Port of Pollensa which takes you along the sea.  A one-way road with a wide cycle path and grass almost down to the water.  The apartment blocks on the other side were very quiet and probably empty.  People were in short supply and I had this stretch of sand, trees and beauty all to myself.

I am sure in the season this area is full of the bucket and spade brigade.  The picnic tables dotted about will tell tales of great family and friends gatherings.  There are two swing parks on the sands which are more reminiscent of the Adventure playgrounds of California.  The only company I had on the beach was a small family picnic with the children having great fun in the adventure park. A pier takes you for a walk out into the sea, which was benign on my visit. 

To sit with my coffee and look out to sea on such a beautiful day was just glorious. My site was just where the notice board was for the Tamarells Beach.   Those who know and love the Port of Pollensa will know exactly where I am talking about.  Residents will have walked this route between the Port of Pollensa and Alcudia.  Sunday mornings mean cycles, skateboards and serious local exercising.  The route is just made to be used by families of all ages and stages.  A flat route for older people alongside the exercise junkies mean that everyone can gather (in normal times).

Talking to friends about this place I was surprised that many did not know where I was talking about.  For them, if they drive to the Port of Pollensa they park behind the hotels and find their way to the Pine Walk.  They enjoy the beaches and the restaurants there and for them, that is the resort. As you can’t turn down this road from the central roundabout in the Port it is not on everyone’s radar.

Before driving back to Soller I popped in to the centre of the Port and sat with a tea in the main square.   The children were coming out of school but as they went on their way the place became a ghost town.  The shops were all shut except for the Allan Graham Charity Shop and it was not the place that summer visitors would recognise at all.

As a unique opportunity to see the island brought to a halt by a pandemic it was fascinating.  It is film set Majorca where life is waiting for the actors to turn up.   I enjoyed my opportunity to spend time with myself and the beauty so easily taken for granted.

Home as the sun began to go down and the curfew night awaited.  An adventure day in the sun and now some very interesting TV.  A day in the life of ‘Pandemic Majorca’.

 Next week I will set a day aside and do it all again. Another location is waiting to be discovered and introduced to a new generation.

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