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By Shirley Roberts on 28th December 2023

Thousands of new Followers this year on Sollerweb Facebook.  We announce the milestones as they happen, but the joy is in the numbers of real people, with an interest in what we do.  It is for their interest, I will tell again, an abridged version of who Soller Shirley is, and what Sollerweb does.

Around fifteen years ago, when I had lived here a few years, I was ‘irritated of Soller’.  So many wonderful events happened in the Soller Valley that I knew nothing about and therefore didn’t attend.  I am one of those people who like to get amongst the vibe, attend concerts, understand cultural events and enjoy the moment. I opened ‘Soller Shirley’ Facebook page to inform others of events before they happened.  To obtain the info I knocked on doors, asked questions, found my way around social media and began to make a breakthrough.  Not perfect, but so much better publicity and communication arose from those early days.

A few years later, Tracey Ivell and I got together, and created the website  Tracey knows her website world and was already a local website guru for many in the Soller Valley.  Soller Shirley Facebook was incorporated into Sollerweb Facebook and website and this is our world today.  I am the writer and chatterer, and Tracey is the creative soul of the website and the brains behind the huge amount of work which goes on behind the scenes. What Tracey and I have in common is the love of the Soller Valley, its people, traditions and its place in the universe.  We are proud to be a conduit between visitors, second homeowners, English speaking residents and local people.

Sollerweb Facebook is a daily chatter and information source in English.  Winter months tend to concentrate more on local and residents’ interests, In the summer we focus on the needs and interests of visitors.  We tell stories and our journalistic style is one of storytelling and chat.  The Calendar of events and information continues to be at the heart of our world.

Sollerweb pops up in many places in Mallorca. The Mallorca Bulletin, Celebrity Magazine, Lonely Planet, Podcasts, radio interviews and occasionally on the BBC.  The daily letters, started as the pandemic did in Mallorca, are being used as part of the social history collections of the time.

Sollerweb is funded by annual charges made to those who have their own page on Sollerweb website. We do not receive funding from the Town Hall or any other source. Readers kindly make donations and annual subscriptions to help us continue the Sollerweb world.

I hope I have answered some of your questions as to who we are and what we do. Tracey and I are looking forward to 2024 and what comes next.  We continue to give you the Soller world from our perspective and are so glad that you enjoy it, and follow us in such great numbers.

Thank you

Shirley & Tracey