The weeks where time stands still…

In Soller and the Port

Soller is defined by many things. Its farming and industrial past and its current place in the tourism world of Mallorca, being the most dominant.

The ‘island within and Island’ concept began to change with the opening of the Soller railway and tram connection to the Port in 1912. This was completed when the Soller Tunnel was free to all travellers from 2017.

For a few weeks every year we go back in time to the era of no train or tram. The train has stopped to allow essential works on the line and will restart in February 2024. The tram will be closed from January 8 to January 21, 2024 to allow renovations to the track.

Visitors can still find us on our great bus service, or drive and park for free in the Port. Parking charges continue year round in Soller.

For residents this is the time each year, when faces are recognised as residents of the Soller Valley. They are usually the only ones left in town. There are some who love this time of year and others who think that without the train and tram the soul of Soller disappears.

This is January life in our world…

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