Artificial Intelligence and all that jazz…

By Shirley Roberts

Do you remember the day when pounds, shillings and pence gave way to decimalisation?

Overnight maths lessons changed, and all that learning was confined to history.

Do you remember those typing lessons on manual typewriters which gave way to electric and then to computers?

Do you remember using Tippex to correct typing mistakes and using Carbon paper to make typing copies?

Just a few reminders of how we look back on the recent past and realise so much we learnt has been superseded and confined to a ‘dustbin’ of history.

Today we are on a fast-track learning curve of the way Artificial Intelligence is going to do many of us out of a job.

My thoughts today are not about holding back progress or morality debates. Mine is to say get prepared for the time when the practical is all which won’t be replaced by a machine.

Plans for future careers and hobbies surely have to include the ‘hands on practical’, ‘people inclusive’ and the ‘local stuff’ of life.

Talking, walking, dancing, swimming, climbing, cycling, sports of all kinds, and so many more important skills to enjoy and develop.

Making, crafting, knitting, sewing, cooking and anythin practical which inspires you.

Singing, playing an instrument, choirs and listening to people-based music and not just the enhancement of all the music machinery.

In other words, our lives appear to be returning to the values of the past.  If, in our lifetime, the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is going to be the brains we have to develop our own world of the practical.

A fascinating concept for the talking point of 2023 and the future…

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