Winter Weddings in Mallorca
By Shirley Roberts
This beautiful island plays host to hundreds of weddings every year and is the venue of choice for people from all over Europe and beyond. They all know that unless they are getting married as Catholics they have to legally marry in their home country and use the ceremony here as their purpose built blessing.
The traditional wedding months are from April to October. This year that is set to change as the requests for winter wedding quotes is surprising many people in the business. The thinking behind it is that weddings in November, December, late February and March have so much going for them. The weather is often glorious without the intense heat of high summer. The venues are easier to book and the guests benefit from cheaper airfares and accommodation.
Winter in Mallorca is fabulous place to be and yes you might get a rogue wet spell but that is also not unknown in the Summer. The Soller Valley has the longest Hotel season next to the year round one in Palma. Winter Weddings in the Tramuntana are set to be the next big thing.
Have a look at this link for information and suppliers of weddings in the Soller Valley…

Getting married in North West Mallorca, this is the place to find a venue, catering, entertainment, florists and everything you need for a wonderful sunny wedding.

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