Good news for house purchasers in Majorca and for the charities that the successful estate agents support. This is the news of Saturday 24th January 2015…

The pound has hit a seven year high against the Euro which is good news for visiting tourists from the UK. This is exceptional news for those who have put have their house purchases here in Mallorca off until now. The pent up demand plus the strongest currency exchange level in almost seven years is set to fuel a buying bonanza according to the Majorca Daily Bulletin this morning

The following story tells of an Estate Agency in Deia who use a proportion of the fee they charge for successful sales to fund charitable works in Mallorca.

The Charles Marlow story

Deia has one road through it and there on the right as you enter the village from the Soller direction sits the offices of Charles Marlow and Bros.

Charlie, Patrick and the team love Deia and are proud of its place in the life of the Tramuntana. They are conscious that when people chose Deia to live or to have a holiday home they are buying into a dream of the past and a vision of the future. The history of the unique people that have made Deia such a fascinating place to reside has been written in many places. Many authors, poets and artists have used the inspiration of Deia to do their work and fulfil their dreams. So it is with Charles Marlow and Bros.

An introduction from their sister to Deia brought Charles and Patrick here where they had their own Deia experience. The feeling that this was their place in the mountains that they wanted to live and work. The Marlow brothers have an ethical approach to life and wanted this represented in all they do. They are respectful of all the enquiries for property that come to their door and work with clients to fulfil large and small dreams. They have relationships with local home owners which are nurtured so that the process for buyers is as trouble free as possible. They do not minimise problems in the process but seek to find effective solutions for buyers and sellers alike.

The success that Charles Marlow has enjoyed is reflected in their desire to give something back to the people of Mallorca. The newly created Charles Marlow Foundation is the charitable arm of this company. They resolved from their earliest days that a percentage of profits on each sale would be donated to local causes especially projects dealing with homelessness and unemployment. They are proud of the donations already made and look forward to being a force for good in the future.

Charles Marlow Bros look forward to working with you whether you are buying, selling or renting. They have a commitment to working with you on email, social media, and office or home appointments. – Whatever works for you in your schedule can be accommodated by them. Appointments to work through the Mallorca portfolio can be arranged in London offices too. Flexibility and commitment to do the best they can for their buyers and sellers is the key that opens the Charles Marlow door.


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