Captain Thunder & Vintage Vespas ….on the road again

Posted on August 13, 2014
Captain Thunder & Vintage Vespas at Belmond La Residencia
vespa 5
On 6th September 2014  La Residencia welcomes the Borino Vespa Mallorca Club.
Vintage Vespas will drive from Palma up to the mountains and visit Belmond La Residencia where Club members will be welcomed by the Management team and offered light refreshment.  A special gift will be handed over to the Vespa Club.
All Vespas will be parked at the hotel entrance for onlookers to see and photograph.
Among the Vintage scooters on display will be the first Vespa ever to arrive on Mallorca in 1953.vespa shot
This particular Vespa was purchased new by Jesús Segura, an artillery Captain, who shortly before his wedding paid the equivalent of two years’ salary to fulfill his dream.  The Vespa (model 125)  caused great interest locally and its arrival by plane was recorded on camera.
Over 60 years have gone by since this unique vehicle arrived on Mallorca.  The Captain became a familiar sight in and around Palma.  Often dressed in his uniform cape he became known as “Captain Thunder”
Years passed and soon the car became a more popular mode of transport and the Vespa remained as an occasional vehicle with the Segura family who stored it in a garage until recently when they decided to pass it on into new hands but ones which would take equally good care of it.  It has never been restored and maintains all the original parts which still work.
vespa 3vespa 2
The new owner intends to keep it that way and this will eventually be a true museum piece.   The Vespa will be on display at Belmond La Residencia over the weekend of 5-6 September. Why not join us to admire such great vehicles.  Maybe you will become an addict and join the Club yourself!

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