A guide for 2014

The Soller methods of transport are second to none on the Island of Mallorca.  Firstly they are run by a private company and not the beneficiaries of public subsidy.  The Ferrocarril of Soller is highly respected for changing from a local transportation system to a high end tourist attraction.  As the car arrived and the Soller Tunnel was built the Tram  and Train could have gone into decline and ceased altogether.  It was the vision of the company that turned the fortunes and made it the successful company that it is today.

The prices at April 2014 are 5€ each way for a Tram journey from Soller to the Port of Soller.  The Train journey is priced at 19.50€ each way from Soller to Palma.  Concessions for the Residents of the Balearics exist and would knock off 1.50€ on the price of a Tram journey and 5.50€ on the price of a Train journey.  Residents have to show their paperwork and their DNI number to be entitled to this discount.

The ‘best offer’ price is the day trip that gives the return journey by train to Palma and the return journey by tram to the Port of Soller.  This is priced at 28€ or 20 € if you are  resident with up to date paperwork.



The local people known as SOLLERICS have a completely different pricing structure for their use of the Train and Tram.  The key is registering your details with the local council as to whether you are a home owner or a renter.  Take your deeds or rental agreement together with your passport to the Town Council to register yourself and collect the document that entitles you to a travel discount because you are a resident.  The Town Council charge a nominal fee for this piece of paper.

The Ferrocarril Office is on the first floor to the left as you enter Soller Railway Station.  Hand over your paper and then make a decision as to which of their special offers for Residents you wish to avail yourself of.

They sell a book of PINK TICKETS for 20€ which entitles the bearer to 50 journeys on the Tram.  The tickets cannot be shared and are for the use of the Solleric who purchased the ticket.  This method is the most reasonably priced of all the options.

A book of YELLOW TICKETS priced at 30€  entitles the bearer to journeys on the Soller Railway and a highly reduced rate.  Again the ticket is for the use of the Solleric who purchased the ticket and cannot be shared.

A card purchased for 4€ will entitle the SOLLERIC to journeys on the Tram for 1€ and the Train for 3€.  The criteria for this card is that you should be a home owner or renter or you are sponsored by one.

The rules for sponsoring another person to be entitled to this discount is quite tricky.  Firstly they are meant to be the Solleric’s family, living with them for their stay at the registered address of the Solleric.  Hotel and Apartment guests are not entitled to this discount.  These tickets are often checked because there it is known that people try to bend the rules to claim a discount to which they are not entitled.

The prices quoted and the rules explained are correct at the time of publication. cannot accept liability for this information as it is subject to change without notice.  Please check the rules carefully on the day you make your application for any concessionary ticket.

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