The 2020’s – A review so far…

A thought from Shirley Roberts

2020 dawned and most of us had not a clue what was to befall us in the decade to come.

Brexit happened 31st January 2020

Covid Pandemic started March 2020

Cost of living Crisis developed late 2021

Ukraine war 24th February 2022

Hamas, Israel war 7th October 2023

Statistics and dates guide us to the worldwide events and significant dates.

Stories and the experiences of individuals tell us the ‘truth,’ from individuals, villages, towns, city and global perspective. This is ‘their truth’ and will occupy many hours of journalism and discussion.

In the meantime, we move on with our daily lives, Making the best of the part of the world it is our great good fortune to live in. Is this our bubble or our reality?

What is our contribution today?

Pic by Rachel fox

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