There is a little list that emerges every now and then gently ribbing Ex Pats about their Majorcaisation (I’ve just made that word up). You know how it goes –

You know you’ve lived in Soller too long when:

You buy UHT milk out of choice at the supermarket

You expect to have to argue about the price of your coffee and remind the waiter that locals prices apply to you

You think its normal to drink coffee out of a glass

You know it takes at least a day to complete any official paperwork

You automatically reply ‘Mañana’ when asked to do something

You know that ‘ahora’ doesn’t really mean now

You accept that banks close at 2 pm

You are delighted by the weekly delivery of gas for your calor gas fire

This list is endless and marks the day you realise that all the things that new incomers find frustrating no longer make you cross. That is an important milestone in an Ex Pat’s life and is a defining factor about whether your relocation is going to become permanent.

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