You know you have become Majorcan when the BELEM takes pride of place at Christmas

It’s almost that time when the decorations come out, the tree gets dusted off or purchased fresh. You know that you have made the transition to being Majorcan if the special honour is given to your BELEM. The Belem is the ultimate decoration because it involves all the senses from religion to playing dolls houses and little villages. The Belem recreates the nativity scene plus the village and town and surrounding countryside of the pastoral scene that was Bethlehem once upon a time.

The Belems of Soller are simply works of art in fine house Entradas. Often illuminated and a significant part of the decorations that exist for Christmas in this City. The Town Hall will have one in the Atrium, the Church has a permanent one on the left, behind the door as you enter St Bartholomew’s Church, The Port of Soller has a fine tableau and L’Horta finds time to decorate too. The real delights are in the family Belem’s in peoples homes, they are added too over the years and are part of the family memory box of Christmases past.

On Monday 25th November 2013 the fantastic Belem display opens for another year on the top floor of El Corte Ingles. Always impressive and sets the scene for our domestic ones that mean so much more to the local families and communities of Majorca.

Belems, nativity scenes, traditions and Christmas mean so much to so many – enjoy the effort that people put into their displays – they are meant to be shared. Happy BELEM season 2013 …

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