The perfect bay of the Port of Soller

Soller: All about the perfect Horseshoe Bay

Puerto Soller is one of the few ports of safety in Mallorca

Written by Shirley Roberts with pics by Rachel Fox

Puerto Soller

Puerto Soller. | Rachel Fox – Pics, Written by Shirley Roberts Soller June 2022

The Soller Valley has the sea, mountains and a great town in Soller. The villages of the area are also highly sought after for house purchasers and loved by holidaymakers. Fornalutx, Biniaraix and Deya are all part of our world with stories to tell. Puerto Soller is our focus today as so many are on their way now to the sea for their beachside holidays.

This lagoon-like bay is home to the only truly safe anchorage on the entire northwest coast and is framed by high cliffs. As a beach side, smart resort it has everything, including fine restaurants, shops and boating in all its forms. Children and adults learn to dive here. Yachts and boats are ready to take people out for day cruises and sunset trips. Toddlers build sand castles on the beaches and sea life seeps into the souls of all who arrive here.

Boats in the port
Boats in the port.

When the weather turns and the sea becomes menacing outside our harbour all the boats come in. On this side of Mallorca, Puerto Soller is one of the few ports of safety. The boats come in to shelter and can anchor inside the harbour area for free. Charges apply to proper moorings with facilities but for safety, in an emergency you can park up your boat in our waters till the storm passes.

The stories abound of people who did just that and sheltered from the storm with us. Puerto Soller was not on their itinerary but the weather pointed them in our direction and some of them never left. Many have huge stories to tell of the seas becoming their enemy for a few hours and lives almost being lost.

On benign days it is hard to imagine that the sea can whip up such frenzy but Puerto Soller has a history book of stories. The tornados are a sight to behold when they come racing in taking the beach umbrellas and pedalos with them. In the last ten years the success story of Puerto Soller has brought boats and sailing to the forefront of our world.

A beautiful view of the sea
A beautiful view of the sea.

We are loving the arrival of friends who are relishing every moment of being here into the welcome of the Puerto Soller in North West Mallorca.

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