A Humans of Majorca story

By Shirley Roberts

The return to work and a near normal life is evident here this week.  Some have used the time to rethink their business plan to embrace legal and voluntary change.  Socially distant tables and number restrictions inside premises have been a challenge.  These rules will be our lot until the virus goes away in whichever way it does.  Masks, distancing and hand washing are the new normal in Spain and we just have to get on with it.  In this environment some businesses have made the decision not to open until 2021.  For those who have decided to expand or open in these unusual times you know there is a story.

In the Port of Soller we have great boats who spend their summers doing daily charters.  Daily trips round to Sa Colobra or Sa Foradada followed by the sunset gentle evening glides watching the sun go down into the water. We also have large tripper boats which take people on the ‘round island excursions’ covering the Soller Train, Tram and then a boat round to Sa Colobra to their waiting coach. These boats all sit alongside the fishing fleet who go out most days to fish for the Soller Prawns and much more.

In the last few weeks a wonderful sight happened in our waters as the new fleet of boats from Mezzo Magic sailed in.  Six new beauties are now in our bay waiting for the first visitors of the season to enjoy them.  To expand by this number, in this most peculiar of years, is a giant leap of faith.   Mezzo have been in our waters since 2005 and, from a one boat start, have grown and grown.  They have an office in the Port of Soller for bookings and the captains are all part of the Solleric community. Apart from the daily customers the boats are often used in filming of advertisements and movies.  A Port of Soller boat is often seen in worldwide locations on screen.  The six new boats double Mezzo’s fleet and are wonderful to watch as they sail through our harbour and out to sea. We wish Chris Adamson and his team all the luck in the world for their expansion in this year like no others. https://mezzomagic.co.uk/

Doro & Murray

Meanwhile on the other side of the island a new restaurant has opened its doors.  Doro and Murray have been looking for a restaurant location for the past few years.  They live in Soller and tried to match their vision with available premises in the Valley but it was not to be. They wanted to run a neighbourhood bistro with the emphasis on what is fresh from the market on the day. Their credentials are high, Murray is a chef of many years’ experience on land and super yachts.  His path crossed with Doro’s in Egypt when his yacht linked up with her Dive School. She had many years based in Egypt in the hospitality sector and dive schools.

Cala Gamba is an in-between place and not remembered by many.  A forgotten strip between Ciudad Jardin and Can Pastilla.  Two landmarks distinguish it, the Yacht Club and the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital. Raft 19 sits on the seafront in this highly residential, rocky area waiting to be discovered as ‘the neighbourhood restaurant’.  I was invited last week to enjoy their tastings and ambience.  I pronounce myself in love with the cheese soufflé and I will be having it when I return there.  Raft 19 will be open Wednesday to Friday from 11 am to 11 pm.  Saturday and Sunday from 9 am for the Brunch crowd through until 11 pm.  They close on Monday and Tuesday. Discover more on their website http://www.raft19bistro.com

Raft 19 in Cala Gamba

These are just two examples in Majorca right now of those who are taking a leap of faith.  Flinging the doors open wide and welcoming all. To be strictly fair I have to say that there are others who have just handed the keys back to the owners.  A Hotel in the Port of Soller, received keys from a management company, who couldn’t see how they would make enough money, to just pay the rent, this year.  Other premises in the Lluna – the main shopping street of Soller are being transferred back from commercial premises into residential. The spread sheets of figures are just not working for some especially when there is rent involved.  The local businesses who live in their properties and use the ground floor for their commercial activities are the winners here.

This year the Humans of Majorca will be inventive, retire, sell up, walk away and do all the things that are available to them.  There is no self help guru who can predict what the next 12 months will bring and how we should all behave.  We all look forward to those coming here with a vision of their own.   Holidaymakers, house purchasers and re- locators are all waiting in the wings and we look forward to meeting them all.

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