Or maybe not…

The blame game has started

Trump blames the Chinese
Europe blames Austria
Spain blames itself for not acting sooner

The hindsight has started and in some cases (USA most noticeably) the law suits have allegedly begun.

The blame throughout the world is also focused on those who should have ordered ventilators, protective clothing and testing kits. No money in the purse is the cry

So what to do with all this blame?

A 2020 expression used with alacrity is ‘we are where we are’. No point in pointing the finger till the crisis is done. Then we’ll learn the lessons –

Then of course

We will fund and fully equip our hospitals

We will pay employees enough to live on without needing food banks

We will appreciate that 0 hours’ contacts, with no worker’s protection, are immoral

We will provide social care

We will make sure children do not go to bed hungry

We will accommodate the homeless

We will repair the damage of austerity living which has been the lot of many since the financial crisis in 2008. The banks have recovered but many people have not

We will do it all because the crisis has exposed huge cracks in our systems. The eyes are now opened and because this crisis will take time to pass they will not be allowed to close.

A hope for the future – maybe…

Shirley Roberts
26th March 2020

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