This is a landmark…
By Shirley Roberts

Photograph by Rachel Fox

This article, once published to the Tramuntana section of the sollerweb website, will be a game changer.  Not because the prose and spellings will be 100% but because we enter the ZONE.
When Soller Shirley Facebook page came into existence 8 years ago it was a hobby site to share the events and happenings in this place.  It was a frustration exercise to start with because so much went on here that we only found out about after the event.  Concerts, events, gallery openings and much more passed us all by. That was where it all began and where so many of you became my friends as I shared all I knew with you.
Three years ago Tracey Ivell (the Website Designer) and I created Sollerweb. We were later joined by Anja Wester who also designs and translates with us.  We incorporated the Soller Shirley daily posts into a great site with Soller Valley information galore including an EVENTS CALENDAR.   We are currently working on
a new reactive site for Sollerweb which will be launched in the Spring of 2017.
Back to where I started this post and the exciting news is that this article will be the one that takes our readership of the stories – currently 365 of them to the 100,000 mark.
100,000 people regularly check in from many parts of the world to read the stories of the Soller Valley.  Their interest and interaction with us is phenomenal.
Thank you to all our readers – we are grateful for your interest and delighted to welcome you when you come to see us.  Thank you to the businesses who advertise with us and enjoy the benefits of the site we have created.  We are delighted with the statistics and even more with the feedback we receive from you.  Tales of people making their holiday reservations here as a result of reading one of our stories is just one of the successes and is a real pleasure.
So with this article we move into the 100,000 zone and we are very happy and proud today.
Thank you

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