Here comes summer in the Soller Valley

By Shirley Roberts
Published in the Majorca Daily Bulletin 
Tuesday 14th June 2016

The summer is here although not officially till the 20thJune which is designated as the start date.  The business of life led in summer mode is already in full swing and will last until the end of September.  This marks a big change for Sollerics when we all take to the streets and beaches.   The days of hibernation behind a TV screen are over and the outdoor life of the Soller Valley replaces it.
The Orange Fiesta of Soller kicked off this past weekend and we partied all night and ate lots of orange based tapas.  The Band played, the declaration was made and awards given to the Orange Farmer of the Year.  It doesn’t stop here but goes on for another two weeks with all the participating restaurants offering a special orange menu for 20 euros. In addition to this the music just keeps on coming.  Next Saturday party time is in the square in Fornalutx if you are celebrating the orange or Deia if the Fiesta of St John is your interest.

St John has his big night on Thursday June 23rdwhen the beach is full of candles and picnics.  At midnight the tradition is to swim or paddle in the sea as a purification ritual.  Most beaches in Mallorca have their own version of this event which brings everyone out for the midnight party by the sea.  Deia starts its St John celebrations long before the 23rd June and right now there are events every day.  St John is the patron saint of Deia and the one their church is named after. The music and events are all listed on the Town Hall programme and last for two weeks.

The fiestas of our area are legendary and every week between now and the end of September there is one somewhere in the Soller Valley.  They all follow a tried and tested formula and will always include children’s activities, music, dancing, performances and food. The Calendar of Events on Sollerweb is a good place to find the information or the local council’s own websites. The Soller Valley reputation for a party every weekend means that the young people of Majorca change their focus in the summer months away from the gatherings in Palma and head up here to the mountains. The antenna is alerted to the happening place where all their friends are likely to be.  Fortunately for us it is right here so all our kids play hosts and offer a bed for the night to their party loving friends.

Another good place for a party is in the Marina end of the Port of Soller.  The area where the yachts and fishing boats park up has become the place to be.  A barbeque centre has been created with a pop up bar called The Base.  This is often joined by visiting food vans selling Pizza, Mexican food and other great tastes.  All of a sudden this end of the Port of Soller has joined the ‘happening venues’ of the island. These things don’t just arrive by accident and this is part of the beginning of the development of this area of the Port.  The game plan is a long one with buildings, development and structure for the future.  Until that happens local people are very happy to party here and visitors are delighted to find this happy place.
Another great day for the diary in Soller this week is the launch of Anna Nicholas’s latest book ‘A Chorus of Cockerels’. Anna is having a party to celebrate the book on Friday 17thJune at 19.30 at the Science Museum of Soller.  You are welcome to join her for a Cava and a little night music plus previews of the book. Please let Alan know if you would like to come on astewart@ana-communications.

Summer is here and the Soller Valley is open for business doing what it does best.  We are assisted greatly by the most fabulous mountain scenery and a beach life that is second to none. So many people are on their way here for their annual pilgrimage and they know that the place, events and people will not disappoint. For the new friends about to join us for the first time we envy you.  There is nothing greater than the delight of people discovering the Soller Valley for the first time.   They pinch themselves that they have landed in such a self contained small world with a big heart.

We look forward to welcoming you all.

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