29th April 2016 to 8th May 2016
Fifty years ago Mallorca was emerging into the world of mass tourism. Hotels were being built everywhere and an infrastructure created that could sustain it. 25% of the residents of Mallorca at the time were not born here. Many of them were economic migrants from other parts of Spain, Latin America and Spain’s Ex colonies. They were all here to build, build, build…
Andalusia sent the majority of the workers and they brought their traditions with them. Flamenco, a passion for horses and the tradition of the EASTER FAIR. The Cabanas were their centres and all the groups had their own marquee and unique events.
This tradition lives on in Mallorca and the fairground is on the Soller Road. The Easter Fair sits between the Hippodrome Horse racing track and the Son Rossinyol Industrial Estate.
For TEN DAYS there is a daily programme ending with a Flamenco party every night. The Mass starts the proceedings, the beautiful people with their equally beautiful horses take part in equestrian spectacles. The funfair and children’s events are enjoyed by all and many people buy their first Flamenco outfit at this place.
This is one of the events of the year that is worth leaving the Soller Valley for. It will take you a whole 20 minutes to get there!!
The poster gives you a few of the events but every day there is something to see. This is an event that visitors and residents often wonder about as they drive past the illuminated fairground. They see the crowds in the flamenco dresses and don’t know if they are welcome there or not.
I can assure you that you are more than welcome.

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