The LOVE LOCKS of Soller
Lovers lock the engraved padlock around the post of a significant place to them and then ceremoniously throw away the key.  This takes some planning as you first have to get the padlock engraved with your special message.  That done you take your padlock , key and a bottle of cava and two glasses to your special place and have your own ceremony.

The Mirador of the Museum of the Sea in the Port of Soller is a special place for lovers.  Weddings take place there and many a boy has got down on one knee to propose in that magical place.

The railings overlooking the sea are an ideal place for these love tokens and they are slowly building up.  Eventually we will have the ‘railings of love’ to admire.  The sea at the bottom of the steep cliff is the recipient of the keys that have been thrown away as the lovers promise endless love.

Romance is alive and well and living in the Port of Soller.

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