The Port of Soller and the five beaches of the Tramuntana 

The Port of Soller with its horse shoe perfect shaped bay is the beach most Sollerics know and love. We choose between the Repic Beach and the Generosa beach and now we even have the Esplendido beach to add to the list. There are of course other more ‘difficult to get to’ beaches of the Tramuntana and I am grateful to Diario de Mallorca for this information which I have roughly translated

Taking a dip in the sea at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana is one of the many wonders that we enjoy in Mallorca. The coves hidden in this treasure of humanity are difficult to access, something small size and boulders, but worth discovering them. Cala Tuent, sa Calobra, Deia cove, creek and cove Banyalbufar Estellencs are just five examples of the singular beauty of its landscape.

Cala Tuent is one of the beaches in the shade of Puig Major (1,445 meters), the highest peak of the islands. A 40 km de Sóller, located between Punta de sa Corda and Morro des Forat, surrounded by dense pine forest and some summer houses built from the sixties. It is one of the most spacious and comfortable beaches in this area of Mallorca, which is common to find small rocky coves. Calobra Sa Creeks is another not to be missed. It is 38 kilometers from Soller, between Morro de sa Cow and Morro de ses Fel · les. The claim of this beach sand, gravel and boulders, is behind the pedestrian tunnel running along the vertical and rugged cliffs, giving access to the beautiful and paradisiacal mouth of Torrent Pareis, inspiration for artists and where every summer takes a choral concert with its excellent acoustics. Cala Deia is a favorite of the stars. It is 10 kilometers from Soller, located between Punta de sa Pedrissa Son Beltran and where a tower defense against pirate raids stood. The towering peaks of Teix (1064 meters d’altitude) and cast shadows Caragolí to Deia. This beautiful sea inlet surrounded by medium cliffs, crowned by scrub and pine forest, ending in a semicircular beach into which a stream and beautiful terraces rise. Coarse sand and gravel up his heavenly slope steep slope. In the margins a small pier, and about escars restaurants, highly praised for its rice and grilled fish will be found. It is common in summer coincide with popular characters internationally.

Cala Banyalbufar is ideal for scuba divers for its clear waters. It is 17 miles from Valldemossa, located between Punta sa sa Galera and Pedra de s’Ase. Nearby there is a residential area and tourist accommodations. This beautiful sea inlet of Serra de Tramuntana, V-shaped, ending in a quiet cove which highlights its length in proportion to its narrowness. Boulders and gravels form the batter will welcome visitors. The light they give off lots of its vertical cliffs uncovered by soft pine, bowed by wind action, increases clarity of transparent water. ?

Cala Estellencs also traps for their beauty. A 21 kilometers of Andratx, between Punta Rotja and Cala Son Pruaga, and under the supervision of the enigmatic Galatzó Puig (1026 meters high). In the surrounding residential dwellings are sighted. This creek has a double function, to local beach bathers, recording a low traffic and small harbor for fishermen. In this pinch of sea theSerra de Tramuntana U-shaped ends in a semicircular cove of rounded stones and pebbles, highlighting its length in proportion to its narrowness, the mouth of the Torrent de Son Fortuny. It is wedged between tall vertical cliffs of red clay crowned with pines. If the stream carries water, visitors can take a shower and cold fresh water.

picture courtesy of Diario de Mallorca

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