The carpet of spring flowers in the meadows and the fun of spotting the first blossom to appear on the Almond Trees is our serious pleasure. Winter has not got much of a grip on us yet in the Hidden Valley. The odd snow and morning temperatures of 0 degrees are soon replaced by brilliant blue sky days and sunshine. We have had the most wonderful weather since Boxing Day and the walkers who are visiting Soller are strutting their stuff and clunking their poles in T shirts and sun tan lotion.

This is the time to drive inland towards Santa Maria and beyond and enjoy the beauty of this January spring magnificence. The early yellows and white of January’s flowers will give way to the acres of poppies and another season in Mallorca will begin. We usually get a hiccup of the freezing weather and rain come February but for now the flowers and the inland countryside of Mallorca is calling you … enjoy.

Photograph by RACHEL FOX

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