NAN’S DAY OUT to Porto Pi

September 2020

By Shirley Roberts

My outings take me far and near and in the back of my head I have criteria I like to use.  How much does the day cost is the first one? The majority of my trips cost a picnic lunch and petrol. The second one is who is in control of the music in the car?  If it’s oldest granddaughter it will be drum and bass.  If its No 2 the music will be Beatles and 60’s. If it the littlest, it can a mixture of everything.  Her musical taste is definitely influenced by having much older sisters. I occasionally get a look in and I am in a ‘Proclaimers’ and ‘George Ezra’ phase.

So get the music en route sorted and the picnic in the car and its off to explore another bit of our magical world.  This time the route was towards Porto Pi in Palma and a diversion to the dead end road on the right. We were in the realms of the San Carlos Military Museum and we went to have a look. 

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm the Museum has its devotees.  Free entry and lots to see if you are into garrisons, guns and war.  My delight in the place is not military but the fact they have a glorious place for a coffee.

The San Carlos Café have been closed for a year but reopened, under new management on September 2nd 2020.

They are open the same hours as the Museum and coffees and an early lunch are possible before they close their doors. The view from the café is of the shipping in the Bay of Palma and the vista is wide and wonderful.  The cooling breezes became almost cold as we sat there but that was just so welcome. The cloud formation over the water made me wish I could paint.  It was all the Majorca September beauty rolled up in the sky.

So coffee done we went to party central.  Along the road to the Museum and Ferry terminal exists a car park and seating.  Many sit and admire the view from there and take beautiful photographs.  It is also one of the finest sunset sights of Palma and people gather there to watch the sun set into the sea. In different times crowds of young people with guitars and a beer would gather there for the beauty and the party.  These days that is just not happening with Covid rules, but all are looking forward to when those days can return. In the meantime, a socially distant stroll is still possible.

The ferry port at the bottom of the road is functioning and lorries hop of with deliveries for all parts of Majorca. But, did you know of the walkway which exists alongside?  I didn’t until a friend pointed me in the right direction. On the sea side at that point is a very uninviting gate, half open.  This is in fact, the entrance towards a walkway alongside the sea to the lighthouse. Not a soul in sight as we walked along the edge of the vast bay.  A totally flat walk for those with dodgy knees and a great children’s walk with a bike or skateboard.

This was a great new find for us and so easy to be able to drive, park and walk.

Nan’s Days Out are probably ended now until the Christmas school holidays. School in Majorca started for two of my girls this week. They are both so happy to be back in a routine with their friends. Oldest GD is off on a plane next week back to Sussex University for her third year. What student experience awaits all returning this year remains to be seen.  Will all the overseas students be back? Will there be face to face lectures as the year goes on?  So many questions and no answers except wait and see.

The Nan’s Day Out series of articles will be uploaded on the Sollerweb Blog soon.  Many of you have asked for a permanent archive of them. I am so touched and delighted so many of you build day trips on the back of our stories. This is the greatest compliment I can have – thank you.

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