A few days of lockdown and talking to friends and family over the the world in the same position, leads me to this conclusion.  The ‘Entitled Generation’ (that’s you and me) have developed a crocodile thick skin.  We have all been conscious of those that have little and struggle but knowledge hasn’t put a halt to the –

I must get on a plane today to see, do or just because I am entitled

I must have that item now, so I want Amazon to deliver it to my door in 24 hours, because I am entitled

I must have the very latest fashion item and it must contain a label because, I am entitled

I must have my dinner now, delivered to my door by someone on a zero hours contract, because I am entitled

I must explain to you in my Jacob Rees Mogg voice why my needs are more important than yours, because I am entitled

‘I am entitled’ is now OVER

Today The thinking has radically changed

We are delighted to see the water clean enough in Venice for Dolphins to swim.

We are grateful for the 8 pm re-energising every day of the thank you claps in Mallorca. It reminds us that all the really important people have the space to do their thing because we are all working for the common good.  All medical staff, shop assistants, delivery drivers, neighbours looking out for one another.

The sun is setting on ‘The Age of Entitlement’.  A New Age is emerging very quickly and this is an exciting time to be alive.

Any suggestions for the name of the next age?

Maybe it is ‘The Age of Recovery’ where all the stuff of entitlement gets buried for ever.

By Shirley Roberts

Photograph by Rachel Fox

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