To celebrate BALEARIC DAY which is on Sunday March 1st  we can enjoy the National Anthem of Majorca.

La Balanguera” is the official anthem of the Balearic island of Majorca, Spain.

The anthem is an adaptation of Joan Alcover i Maspons (1854–1926) poem based on an ancient and popular Majorcan children’s song.

The music is a work by the Catalan composer Amadeu Vives and in November 1996 the Consell Insular de Mallorca made it the anthem for the Island.

La Balanguera (Catalan)

La Balanguera misteriosa,
com una aranya d’art subtil,
buida que buida sa filosa,
de nostra vida treu lo fil.
Com una parca bé cavil·la
teixint la tela per demà.
La Balanguera fila, fila,
la Balanguera filarà.
Girant l’ullada cap enrera
guaita les ombres de l’avior,
i de la nova primavera
sap on s’amaga la llavor.
Sap que la soca més s’enfila
com més endins pot arrelar.
De tradicions i d’esperances
tix la senyera pel jovent
com qui va un vel de noviances
amb cabelleres d’or i argent
de la infantesa qui s’enfila
de la vellura qui se’n va.

The Balanguera (English translation)

The mysterious Balanguera,
like a spider of subtle art,
empties, oh, empties her spinning wheel
and pulls off the thread of our lives.
Like a Parca she ponders well,
weaving the cloth for tomorrow.
The Balanguera spins, spins,
the Balanguera will spin.
Turning her glance to the past
she guards the shades of ancestry
and of the new spring
she knows where the seed is hidden.
She knows that the vine-stock climbs up higher
the deeper its roots can go.
From traditions and from hopes
she weaves the flag for the youth
as one who prepares a wedding veil
with hairs of gold and silver
of the childhood that grews up
of the old age who goes away.

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