The January world of Soller
Photograph of the Demoni by RACHEL FOX
Holidays and short breaks take many forms as do holiday home owners travelling decisions.  The purpose of this article is to make sure you understand what you are missing if you don’t come here in January.
The first complaint is usually that you can’t guarantee the weather.  I write this looking out on to another glorious blue sky day where the day time temperature will get up to around 16 degrees before falling away at night down to about 6 degrees.  This is the fifth consecutive beautiful day and the forecast is more of the same with the possibility of a shower on Friday.  Our early walkers and cyclists are having the best time and have the paths and roads all to themselves.
Spring flowers arrive in Mallorcain January – already we have carpets of yellow and white flowers in our fields and with the sun as their backdrop the views are breathtaking.  The blossom on the trees is just beginning to be visible.  We have acres of trees that show their blossom at the same time and are picture postcard beautiful.  The guide books will tell you that blossom happens in February and March – they are quite wrong!  The peak beauty blossom time is at the end of January leading into February.  Don’t miss the blossom days of this island – there really is no place like it.
The January Fiestas are just great.  We start with the arrival of the Three Kings on the evening of January 5th when there are village parades and a spectacularly large one in Palma.  Floats, marching bands and the Kings and their sweet throwing entourage make this a fiesta to remember.  January 6th is a Spanish Bank Holiday and is regarded as the Spanish equivalent to our Christmas Day.
Sant Antoni is the next January fiesta and his lasts in Soller over three days.  On January 16thin the evening the bonfires are lit in Soller square and other locations in the Valley.  Sant Antoni fought his demons in life (between 251 – 356); he was also very fond of animals and is their patron saint.  The bonfires ready for communal barbeques are lit on the evening of the 16th and then the Devils and their mayhem arrive to test him in the square.  This is a great fun evening and the community wrap up warm, eat their roasted meats and sobrasada and enjoy the wine.  On the next day (if it falls at the weekend) a special children’s workshop is held for them to make their own Demoni masks and practice the devil dances accompanied by the drums of the City.   On the Sunday after the 16th of January Soller changes into a rural paradise with an emphasis on horses.  The priest blesses the animals that are paraded before him and sprinkles holy water on them in honour of St Antoni’s love for all creatures.  Then the streets are cleared for the Soller Horse Races up the main street from Soller Square to the station.  There are many horses that live in the valley and they have very smart riders and owners.  On the day of the race the horses and their riders are groomed to within an inch of their lives and on parade.  The race is to see who can hit the ribbon above the heads of the riders.  This goes on to the accompaniment of great cheers from the crowd.  This is a fabulous local fiesta.
The people of Soller support the Fiesta of San Sebastian in Palma from 17thto 25th January each year.  San Sebastian is the patron saint of Palma and his special day in the 20thof January.  Live music in all the squares of the old town of the City of Palmaaccompanies community barbeques.  This is a huge music festival and lots of local talent are given the opportunity to perform.   Everyone loves this fiesta and travel into Palma for it from all over the island.
The people of Soller love the traditions of January and consider it the party and socialising month before the season cranks up a gear in February. If you visit Soller in January you will see local people gathering in far greater numbers than they have time for in the rest of the year.  They consider it a very special month.
I know there is an issue about flights to Majorca in the winter but there are ways of getting here via the London airports and as January progresses the prices come down. I would encourage you to look at all Soller offers in this special month.  The mountain walks and ambles along the seashore never change.  The opportunity to visit the wonderlands of Fornalutx, Deia and Valldemossa in winter is a real treat.  The delights of trips into Palmaon our cheap, reliable buses is a day trip all of its own.
Soller in January – no place quite like it…

Hope to see you here soon

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