The writers of the Soller Valley

The skills, talent, art and self indulgence of writing are part of the fabric of life in the Soller Valley. Amongst our neighbours we have published authors and poets who make their living by their craft. We have film and TV writers by the dozen. We have hundreds of people who have self published their work to get their first step on the literary ladder. We have hundreds more who publish their thought processes on social media and websites. The ability to share thoughts, ideas and literary prose has never been so easy.

A Sollerweb research project on the ‘literary names’ of this area turned up so many famous authors who have lived or worked here while writing their acclaimed books. There is something about the mountains and the soul of this place in the universe which is conducive to literary thought and action.

Soller has developed this reputation by word of mouth and serendipity. The word is now out that Soller is on the BBC list of where to phone their writers, producers and directors when they want to get hold of them.

We look forward to the new BBC arrivals in 2015.

What we need now in Soller is a state of the art business centre with remote conferencing facilities, skype meeting points, the fastest ever broadband and secretarial services. Such a place would make the relocation of the BBC and other media companies complete.

All very exciting – is this already in the pipeline? – ‘I couldn’t possibly comment’ – yet.

photograph by Rachel Fox


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