THE CEREMONY OF THE ‘MATANCES’ in SOLLER – The killing of the pig…

The killing of the pig in the Hidden Valley of Soller

‘Matances’ is a century old tradition in Majorca. For an entire year a family would fatten up a pig to slaughter it during “matançes”.

Gatherings take place of family, friends and invited honoured guests to watch the killing of the pig and then get involved in the sausage and sobrasada making.  Every part of the pig is used and in the past would be the staple food of the winter.

The is meat preparation without preservatives following time honoured traditions.

‘Matances’ is a celebration that the people have food for the winter and they are in party mood.  All members of the family have a job to do and when the work is done they have a party.

Photographs courtesy of Mallorca Dream Homes


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