Joan Rubio spent a long time in Soller…

He was the Architect who worked with and was influenced by Gaudi. The facade of Sant Bartholomew church in Soller was his work as was the Bank of Soller building on the corner of the square. These are very well know examples of ‘Gaudism’ and bring the disciples of Gaudi and Rubio to Soller regularly to admire the work.

DID you know that there are two other houses in Soller which are also Rubio designs?

One is Can Prunera – the Museum of Modern Art in Soller

The other is L’Avenida Hotel in the Gran Via. This building has a wonderful history which is the subject of another story. For the past 10 years it has become a favoured Boutique hotel of Soller. The renovations and style that Tanya and Paul have introduced have created a unique interior which sits well in this iconic Rubio designed building.

As you are having that autumn stroll stop and look at all these buildings which we are fortunate to have in Soller. The Museum is open for your visit and as for the Avenida – you can actually stay there and experience the building for yourself.

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