The moon shines bright on Soller tonight

Published in the Majorca Daily Bulletin
Tuesday 9th September 2014
Photograph by RACHEL FOX

This has been the summer of the brightest moons in memory. We have another tonight and it will fill the Hidden Valley in a spectacular way. There is nothing like that moon exploding from behind the mountains and then remaining so close to the earth. We have taken to having ‘full moon events’ such as ‘full moon yoga’, ‘full moon swimming’ and ‘full moon picnics’. There is something about the light on the water that draws us to the watersedge and that’s where you’ll find the Sollerics tonight. The music from all the restaurants and hotels of the Port of Soller guarantee that our night will be filled with music as well as moonlight. How romantic… You are very welcome to join us.

The September projects are all bursting onto the stage in Soller. The summer is over for the men in suits around here and its back to business. The 4000 sq mts supermarket plans caused such controversy earlier this year and now it’s round two. The land earmarked for this project is currently the car park behind the health centre and bus stop in Soller. The drawings say that this large space will have plenty of underground car parking and some community space within in. It is being set out to tender at 40,000€ rent per year on a fifty year lease in the first instance. Interested supermarkets are being invited to apply for this lucrative space and local Sollerics are placing their bets. Some would love a Mercadona, others a Lidl some fantasize about a Waitrose or Marks and Spencer turning up. The largest supermarket Soller currently has is the most successful Eroski on the Island . It has had no competition and it is said that they want to retain that status. The supermarket wars are going to be our entertainment of the autumn.

High end retail opportunities are also occupying the decision makers of the Port of Soller . Over five years ago a company was given a 30 year lease on the pier at the furthest end of the Port of Soller . This is the area where the fishing boats come in and unload their catch. It is also the area that the finest yachts park up and a lovely sunset cocktail bar has just emerged. This is another controversial site and the local community of the fishing district of Santa Catalina were very concerned that their world was going to change into a Gucci and Armani Emporium. The new Ports Manager is a diplomat and he is facilitating meetings so that all can understand the plans and have their say. From the information that has come my way it seems that the fishing boats and their distribution facilities are protected. A ‘dry dock’ is being planned for more work in the shipyard. The controversy is all to do with shopping and having more exclusive restaurants in this highly desirable location. There will be buildings erected in this area where currently there are none and much of the space has been earmarked for expensive shops. The thinking seems to be that visitors on their fine yachts and cruise ships want to spend more money than they are currently able to in the Port of Soller .

This week we have two new openings in the Hidden Valley that we are delighted about. The first is the new Gym in the Son Angelats Sports Centre. This has been a long time in the development stage but it’s open to all from now. Last week they took the first applications for membership and showed everyone round the place. A full range of new equipment and space to work out with trained staff to advise is what is on offer. This is a wonderful addition to the two heated indoor pools and the huge sports hall. The only little niggle is that the sports hall roof leaks again after repair work was supposed to have cured its problems. I am sure all concerned with Son Angelats are bored with the one step forward and two steps back regime that they have had to adopt. This centre is a glorious addition to Soller and the people use and are delighted by it. They are very happy to welcome the new Gym and the training staff.

Meanwhile down in the Port of Soller a brand new Tourist Information Office opened yesterday. So from 8th September 2014 the place to ask all your questions in the Port of Soller is in a brand new building on the Pier of the Port of Soller – just near the embarkation point for the boats to Sa Colobra. This is near to the ticket office for the boat trips and makes a far better integrated office for all the tourism services. The old office was at the back of the Port near the church and often not found by the people who arrive in their hundreds on the tram. So another sensible good move all round which will bring benefit to our visitors.

So the new moon brings positive energy to the Soller Valley this autumn – long may it last.

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