before it became derelict-

Please read this message I received yesterday from Amanda which she has given permission to reprint here. It would be great if we can help her. thank you …

Hi there,

Feeling very nostalgic, mainly due to a really difficult time for myself and my family at the moment. My normally fit and healthy husband was struck down by a Streptococcus bug which, bad luck, according to specialists, collided with flu A and double pneumonia. He then developed septicaemia and went into total organ failure, his liver, kidneys and finally his heart giving out. The consultants talked me through an experimental treatment and incredibly he stabilised and came out of a 5 week coma! This all began on the 7th of March this year and he is now convalescing at home!

The reason I am messaging you, is because during my time at home caring for him, we have mulled over our past and many memories have come flooding back to us. This in itself is amazing for Gary, as the Doctors predicted severe brain damage! He has none and to be honest his recollection of our past is crystal clear.
In 1992 we visited Soller, we were in our early 20’s and stayed at …… wait for it The Hotel Rocamar!

I wondered if you or anyone there might have pictures of what this hotel was like before it became the derelict wreck we found recently on flicka? Though we do remember it was definitely a 1-2* establishment even back then!

Anyway, even if you don’t find any photographs, I am enjoying reading your page and we are even considering paying another visit to Puerto Soller with our children!

Kindest regards and thank you in advance.

Amanda Clarke

I am so glad to say that a magnificent response from www.sollerweb.com readers produced the photographs for Amanda.  Amongst them this postcard of the Rocamar – Back in the day …


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